When I was little I thought being an adult meant not having a bed time but I’ve come to realize that it just means being in charge of my own bed time and it turns out that I am not equipped to handle that responsibility.

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It’s not just the ladies who get insecure, it’s all of us.  It’s a human trait, yo.

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"Today I purchased a coffin and I ain’t even die yet."

Meech (Flatbush Zombies)


Its your personality.

I mean you’re looks are damn near angel like, but when I leave the room and you stay in their with my family and I come back to find you playing around with my niece, I love that shit. Or I love how you you are the only person to laugh at my stupid ass theory’s or concepts because you know that you would probably say the same thing. But there’s things about you that are nothing like me and yet that’s what makes us perfect for each other. You growing up with strict parents and me not, I love that I get to show you a world that you never even knew existed. When I show you something that you didn’t know about or never got a chance to try, I get to say that you experienced that because of me. From your movie/music/fashion choices, to your personality, or just to the way you smile, I know god made you for me. But if someone were to ask me how I knew, I would say its you’re personality.

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I want gold grills.

Now I remember why I stopped going on Tumblr!

Y’all way too damn horny.

Yeah, that tumblr pic doe.

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Kendrick Lamar- Sing About Me, I’m Dying of Thirst

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Tank - I Can’t Make You Love Me

Lay down with me
Tell me no lies
Just hold me close
Don’t patronize